Anupama Written Update 26 June 2023

Anuj’s lie is revealed, will Maya cross all limits of her insanity?

Anuj lies to Maya that he had gone out for some work, at first Maya agrees to his words. But then Maya comes to know about Anuj’s lie. Now what will happen next?

Maya will once again spoil Anupama’s whole day with her craziness. When Maya comes to know about Anuj’s lie, she goes completely mad. And starts planning against Anupama.

Today’s episode will start from there. Anuj-Anupama will know the time when the phone rings. Anuj will say to Anupama, ‘I don’t mind but I want to go home.’ When Anupama will say, ‘I don’t have any mind, but I want to let go.’ Not only this, Anuj will also tell Anupama about his heart. Anuj will say, ‘You know Anu, tomorrow is your farewell. I am very excited. But I am also sad. I don’t understand what I am.

Anuj will meet Maya as soon as he reaches Kapadia House. Maya will ask Anuj, ‘Did you go out for office work?’ Anuj will say, ‘Yes, you went for some work, what about you?’ Maya will be happy to hear Anuj’s answer. He starts consoling himself that Anuj did not go out to meet Anupama but because of work.

But then Maya will see Anupama’s bindi on Anuj’s shirt. Maya’s fear will once again dominate her as soon as Bindi comes in front of her. She will start imagining that Anupama and Anuj are teasing her. They will send him to a mental hospital and go to America. She will go mad. She will try to explain herself first. But, will then make a plan to get Anupama out of her way.

The next day, preparations for Anupama’s farewell will begin at Shah House. On one hand, Baa will make things that Anupama likes. On the other hand, Dimpy and Kinjal will join forces to help Baa in the kitchen. Whereas Anupama will remember the old days with her mother Kantaben and talk about Baa.

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