Faltu Episode 27 June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with the family members getting tensed seeing the awkward situation between Faltu and Ayaan.

Ayaan and Faltu don’t talk to each other at all and seem to ignore each other’s eyes which makes others uncomfortable and they wonder how the party will go on in such a gloomy atmosphere.

Janardhan senses this situation in the house and decides to have a private talk with Ayaan and Faltu so that he can give them some advice.

Furthermore, Janardhan tells them that their such behavior seems immature and childish and they should talk to each other to solve their problems like adults.

Ayaan and Faltu silently listen to the scolding while Janardhan says that he cannot behave in the party in such a way that the family members are not allowed to fully enjoy the party.

Ayaan says that he has no problem in treating Faltu like a couple and Janardhanan should ask Faltu if she is ready to have a laugh with him.

What would Tanisha and Ruhaan have planned in the party?

Can Faltu and Ayaan fall into the trap as per the plan? Or not ?

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