Faltu Written Update 25 june Episode

Faltu Episode Written Update 25 June New Episode

Begins with people going inside the house with mics and cameras. Faltu and Mittal were shocked to hear this news and when Ayan’s eyes widened and Tanisha also came out of her room after hearing a lot of noise. After some time, Ayan reads the letter sent by Faltu and he is fired from the cricket board for cheating.

Ayan’s uncle, defending Ayan, asked the media persons whether they have any proof of this and Ayan asked that they cannot have any proof. But they have a witness and what to do with the evidence.

One gets surprised to understand the meaning of redundant ions. And Aayan tells everyone that he is the one who wrote the teachings against Faltu. And the board has been informed about the unnecessary wrongdoings. And Tanisha is looking very happy to hear this news. And Tanisha thinks her plan is working on Aayan. And will Falta stop playing cricket now.

She is planning to use Faltu to separate him from Ion. And all this is being planned by Tanisha. Will anyone find out Tanisha’s trick

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