Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, And Siddhant Chaturvedi Starrer Gehraiyaan Review n Hindi: There is a saying in Maharashtra: Alibaug se Aaya hai kya. It is used to call a person a fool. In 2019, a person living in Alibaug had petitioned the Bombay High Court to ban this proverb, and the court refused, saying that such things should not be insulted because of characters like Santa-Banta to all communities. Jokes are made, it’s just a joke. Seeing the depths (Gehraiyaan), two things seem to happen, either its writer-director has come from Alibaug or they consider all the audience to be Alibaug. The trailer of this film, which was released on Amazon Prime, had created a lot of curiosity among the people as both the heroines of the film were seen in bikinis on the seashore and were seen in intimate scenes with the lead hero. Believe me, as much as it is in the trailer, it is more or less in the film. Nothing extra.


Now let’s talk about the story. So here are the clich├ęs of Bollywood movies. Unhappy with her life and career in Mumbai, Alisha (Deepika Padukone) has been in a live-in with Karan for eight years. Everyday struggle in his life. It is a rental house. No money but ambitions. His cousin Tanya (Ananya Panday) and his fiancee Jane (Siddhant Chaturvedi) come to Mumbai from America. Both are billionaires. Jane is in the real-estate business and is developing a project worth hundreds of crores in Alibaug, which is not seen in the entire film. The four go to Alibaug to spend some good moments. While flirting there, Alisha-Jane comes close to each other. The story then proceeds on the path of boredom and moves with a tortoiseshell, trying to arouse the viewer with their kisses, hugs, and intimate moments. Alisha-Jane swears true love and Alisha becomes pregnant. On the other hand, Jane’s project faces setbacks. He can drown at any moment. In such a situation, how true will Alisha-Jane’s love prove to be or new troubles will come. Depths tries to explore these things.

There is nothing in the film to which the general audience can connect. Metro’s gimmicky characters, from showy yachts to five-star hotels, expensive liquor, sleek bathtubs, padded beds, multi-crore hi-fi talk, plunge the film into the depths instead of lifting it. The pace of the film is very slow and the characters are always crying. You do not see any life energy in one. Alisha is always sad. Karan is a flop-jobless writer sitting at home. Jane’s confidence is fake. Tanya is like a little rich girl, who has no goal in life here. The back-story of all this also does not create any curiosity. These people are from broken families and when they meet, they drink alcohol. Talking baseless things.

The writers are neither successful in bringing any life to the characters nor have they created interesting twists in the story. When the only thrill-moment of the film is born, it is too late. However, even after that, the writer-director could not handle the story properly. The only character who leaves some impact in the entire film is Alisha. Deepika Padukone has played it really beautifully and hard. Seeing them, it does not seem that she is leaving any stone unturned from her side. You see her growing here scene-by-scene and in the end, the depths are remembered only for Deepika’s performance.

It is definitely one of the best performances of his career. But Siddhant Chaturvedi disappoints a lot. He is not able to attract with his acting, neither by gesture nor with body language. He had the same condition in Bunty Aur Babli 2 last year. There is not a single scene in the film in which Ananya has been seen effective. Dhairya Karva was made fourth grade by the writer-director, while his part could have come a better time than Ananya.

No doubt the film has been shot well. The camera work is good but it needed to be tightened more than editing. The music is average. Overall, a little less than two and a half hours of depth (Gehraiyaan Movie) is such a film, which if you consider it very important, you can watch it in fast-forward mode. As long as it takes, it does not return anything valuable in revenge. This is director Shakun Batra’s third film in ten years and you cannot believe him even after seeing it.

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