IKEA china woman video viral

Explicit clip of woman masturbating inside IKEA store sparks controversy, company releases statement IKEA said in a statement it will take ‘more careful security and public cleanliness measures’

IKEA china woman video

ikea china woman video
ikea china woman video

An explicit video of a woman masturbating inside an IKEA store in China has gone viral and sparked a huge controversy. Now, the multinational furniture giant has released an official statement saying it will take ‘more careful’ security measures in its shops.

IKEA china clip

The clip, that has been shared on various pornographic websites, shows a woman pleasuring herself on various sofas and beds in an IKEA showroom, as shoppers walk by.

ikea china clip
ikea china clip

According to an AFP report, the uncensored versions of the clip have been removed from Chinese social media. The Swedish company responded to the incident with a video, that has garnered close to 10 million views. “We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behaviour, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store,” the said in the statement. The company added that it would take “even more careful security and cleanliness measures”. Based on the Cantonese language that is heard in the video, many Chinese social media users speculated the store is in the Guangdong province. Other users from China and around the world pointed out that nobody is wearing masks in the video. Some said tit was filmed before the coronavirus outbreak in China. However, this wasn’t the only instance where a pornographic clip was connected to IKEA. In 2019, a pornographic clip was played out on a giant screen inside an IKEA store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The video, that reportedly showed a man masturbating, was watched by many families and children who were present at the store. According to reports, the video was watched for over 3-minutes by a customer called Chan who later alerted the IKEA staff members, reported Apple Daily. In 2015, a Beijing branch of the Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo made headlines after a clip showing a couple having sex in one of the store’s changing rooms had gone viral.
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ikea china viral video
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ikea china news Police had arrested the couple and three others in the case. However, Uniqlo had denied it was a publicity stunt.

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