Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 10 June Aliya and Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 10 June Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Aaliya telling Sahana that she will go to attend wedding after that, she is hiding in room. Sahana sees her going to room and thinks to stop Aaliya and says here Something is going wrong. Ranveer thinks how can he stop Prachi’s marriage. If she asks if she won’t get married then everyone will beat her. thinks about stopping

Akshay thinks why Prachi is nervous to sit on the mandap when he is her husband. There the crackers are lit and preparations begin. Everyone is shocked to see the crackers and then Ranveer gets a chance. Prachi is on the side. Ranveer falls on the sofa and chokes his mouth. He calls Prachi but Prachi does not listen to him. He looks at Aaliya and thinks Aaliya is about to fall. Prachi looks at Aaliya and follows her. Ranveer goes and looks at Sahana.

Going after Prachi, Prachi asks Aaliya to stop. Aaliya thinks if Sahana calls Prachi security, she will not stop. Aaliya refuses Sahana to do this. Aaliya says where is your hard work, then Prachi says All my hard work and lies are over. Aliya how are you shut up Prachi says why should I shut up why did you snatch my daughter from me and says what was her fault

That when she was just born and she tells him to answer. Aaliya says why are you getting married again. Prachi says why shouldn’t I get married again when Ranbir is also getting married. You are Aaliya. Says if she is not happy with this marriage as she is his true soulmate and she says Ranbir is also adding happiness with Riya and says I am here to wish her after attending her marriage. I have come later and here I have come to wish you and says your daughter was accidentally deleted from my hand and I am sorry for that and she tells him that you never come here again even behind Ranveer. Never come. Prachi says I don’t want him again in my life. I don’t care whether he marries riya or marries someone else. I am marrying akhay and I am happy.

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