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lockdown 4.0 Guidelines  

we’re now getting exclusive details of lockdown 4.0 sources telling us that this lockdown is expected to be continuing for two more weeks that’s still 31st tentatively guidelines may be issued late today all tomorrow morning is when they’re expecting clarity from the MHA autos buses cabs could get permission to fly in all areas except in containment zones red zones could be redefined in the country and non-essentials are likely to be allowed by an eCommerce website.

lockdown 4.0

So non-essential delivery will also be allowed everywhere except in containment zones offices and factories could also have more workforce remember at this point it’s at 33% but there has been a request made by industries to raise the cap to 50% so it’s something that the government is also considering but what we’re looking at is slowly normalcy creeping in that is the effort from the government as public transport could be back on the roads but we understand that all this will be in several parts of the country but not in containment zones converge it is joining us with more details on this cover Jake what’s the information that you’ve been able to pick up from government sources or what’s likely from Monday to be the situation in the country well till late last night who Marisa a Machado sitting Jerri taking meetings what is significant is some of the states who were supposed to give their submissions in the deadline assented quite late and that is why this kind of taking time for center to draw up those guidelines the fine print whenever it’s ready either by late evening today or tomorrow is expected to be shared but crucially estates will have more states specially in terms of defining the hot spot the containment zone now yes or what we’ve seen in long term tree as well that if knowledge activity was allowed in larger fair areas but now the states have emphasized that

lockdown 4.0 News Today

Economy has to be back on track people have to get back to work there should be more people and obviously companies which can afford to work from home should do so yes but the rest of them need to actually get back they have to in maintain a new form of work and social distancing how I’m asked all the time all these are measures which are going to be taking place apologies companies with completely run out of time but thank you for joining us we’re expecting the guidelines to be issued late today or tomorrow let’s turn though at the top to give you  the big breaking news on lockdown 4.0  we’ve got the details of lockdown 4.0  for you that’s right the big news at the  moment is that lockdown 4.0 is likely to  continue for two more weeks till the  31st of May new lockdown guidelines  likely to the announced either later  tonight or more likely tomorrow morning  autos buses taxis could get permission  to fly all except containment zones red  zones could be redefined and that’s  important non-essential likely to be  Allah allowed by ecommerce websites in  all except containment areas offices  factories could have more work force  request made by industries to raise the  cap to 50% from 33% so we will have lots  of details  our correspondent Kemal ji is joining us  at the moment with the regulator’s come  Ajith significant eyes the government  going to make a distinction between a  red zone in a containment zone that  unlike in the previous lock downs this  time a few more relaxations.

Outside of  containment zone enhance relaxation with  greater amount of flexibility in  lockdown 3 itself they had opened up  economic activities in red zone Rajdeep  so in that particular sense of what  states have now been telling the center  is that they want to have a greater say  as far as the hotspots are concerned and  now we’ve been told that at least 30  such multiple say sector cities have  been identified which are the hot spots  for instance it’s Pune and Mumbai in  Maharashtra then there is Indore Bupa in  Madhya Pradesh Amritsar in Punjab so  these are hot spots Delhi is a hot spot  so in that particular sense what is also  significant is that they would be an  easing up of mass traffic of you talking  about trains and claims that’s the big  question mark because remember the final  guideline is still not out but  eventually the way Center is going  special trains have been arranged trauma  trains have been arranged but will will  will there be traffic in specially in  green zones love dawn 4.0 is all set to begin in the country and the Karnataka government is considering to relax the lockdown norms further in the state Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on Friday hinted that the lockdown 4.0 comes with a fewer restrictions here is how the Karnataka government will relax the norms during the fourth phase of the lockdown 4.0

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