Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2022

Hello friends, we celebrate Mother’s Day every year, but have you ever tried to know why Mother’s Day is celebrated, why did it start, since when is Mother’s Day being celebrated, then today if you want to know the answer to all these questions So read this entire blog post very carefully and we are going to give you information about Mother’s Day, why Mother’s Day is celebrated, for whom Mother’s Day is made and for whom Mother’s Day is made. When was the day first celebrated

When did Mother’s Day start?

Friends, the Greeks and Romans have been celebrating Mother’s Day since thousands of years ago, but the Mother’s Day we are talking about here and the Mother’s Day we celebrate, that Mother’s Day started with Anna Jarvis honoring her mother. Mother’s Day was started in 1908 for, was started in St Andrews, America, this church is in West Virginia State.

Anna Jarvis’s mother’s name was Ann Reeves Jarvis and she was a peace activist, she used to treat all the soldiers injured in America’s Civil War, and taking this work forward, she opened Mother’s Day Work Clubs so that the public’s health could heal Jesus. And Ravish Jarvis passed away in the year 1905 and since then his daughter Anna Jarvis started a campaign that there should be Mother’s Day and she said that this day should be a government holiday so that all of us can one day be our mother. Can sit with and spend some time with them because if there is anyone in the whole world who has done the most work for us, then it is our mother.

Mother’s Day was not accepted by the Government

In 1908, this proposal of Mother’s Day was rejected by the US Congress.
And by the year 1914, Woodrow Wilson, who is the 28th President of America, signed a pact that Mother’s Day would be celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.
But some people understood the meaning of Mother’s Day as something else, they started giving them expensive gifts on Mother’s Day because of sitting with their mother and in view of this, US companies made Mother’s Day commercial ice.
And to end all these things, Anna Jarvis fought a lot of big battles and she said that if you want to make your mother happy, then don’t give her the things of the market, give her the things made by herself, then give her time talk to her with her. Stay

So friends, this is just the story of Mother’s Day, I will not tell you anything, if you get to learn anything from this story, if you like anything, then just spend time with your mother, something is made by your own hands for them, happily with them talk, spend time, just say this thank you friends, happy mother’s day to all of you

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