Pyaar Ka Pahla Name Radha Mohan 13 June Episode

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan new episode will talk about the upcoming episode on 13th June and let’s see what happens in the new episode of 13th June

Radha has regained consciousness and Gungun has found her mother and Gungun is overjoyed to meet her mother. Radha’s family members enter the room and Mohan does some romance in front of Radha. Mohan is saying I love you to Radha and sometimes he says that I will not be able to live without you, Radha listens to all these things.

There are two people who have got torn here and these people are thinking that their plan gets spread and these people lose in the last and Mohan asks Radha what happened to you, tell me also and Mohan goes to Radha’s bed and sleeps

Gungun tells Mohan to move from here, I am going to sleep with Radha and when Mohan goes from Radha, there were tears in his eyes and Mohan sees that the saree that Mohan had given was completely torn and everything was tied to Radha. gift new saree

Radha becomes very happy seeing the saree and Gungun thinks that my mother should not leave here again, but Mohan will not allow this to happen and Mohan’s family members will also come to Radha.

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