Pyaar Ka Pahla Name Radha Mohan 14 June Episode

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan new episode will talk about the upcoming episode on 14th June and let’s see what happens in the new episode on 13th June

Damani wants to kill Radha again will she be successful in her plan or not Mohan is loving her by holding Radha’s hand and reminiscing about their past Radha is being bathed in the hospital and Mohan Radha Kisses on K’s forehead and leaves from there. Damani is going to take advantage of all these things because Damani has sent the burden to Mohan.

Damini’s mask has fallen down, yet Damini will escape from the muttering and put on her mask and will leave from there and will be saved from all of them. Damini is telling Radha that your death is written by my hands and Damini is Radha’s. She wants to kill him by holding the throat and as soon as Damini holds Radha by the throat, Radha opens her eyes and pushes Damini very hard and Damini falls in a corner and the tray kept there falls.

Hearing his voice, people come inside and Damani is now very scared and Mohan has come inside the room and Radha’s eyes have opened. Will Damani kill Radha in the next episode?

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