Pyaar Ka Pahla Name – Radha Mohan

Hello friends, how are you, today I will talk about what is going to happen in Radha Mohan’s 11th June episode and tell what can happen today and whether Mohan and Radha can meet or not, everyone will see in this episode today.

Mohan brings Radha to the hospital and the doctor starts treating Radha and Radha’s temperature has dropped a lot and her mother-in-law is not able to walk and the doctor there gets tensed. And thinks how to save her, he keeps on thinking and Radha’s family members are waiting for the doctor to come out, the doctor should come out and tell us what happened to Radha.

The doctor comes out of the ICU and what does he say to his family members. Mohan runs to the doctor and tells the doctor if Radha is someone, then the doctor tells Mohan that it is very dangerous to save Radha, so Mohan consults the doctor. He says that Radha had talked to me too.

The doctor says that Radha must have talked to you for the last time, that Mohan tells the doctor that whatever you do, but save Radha, then what does the doctor say to Mohan that I cannot do anything now that Radha’s body is cold. The doctor says that it will take some time for her to recover.

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