Pyaar Ka Pahla Name – Radha Mohan

Hello friends, how are you, today I will tell you what is going to happen in Radha Mohan’s 12th June episode, what will happen today and whether Mohan and Radha can meet or not, everyone will see in this episode today.

Mohan has come to Radha and is sitting beside her talking lovingly and remembering the whole day he spent with Radha and Mohan is remembering those who did not listen to Radha and speaking to Radha If I had listened to you, all this would not have happened today.

Gungun was throwing the medical stuff over there, so everyone should have stopped Gungun from throwing away the medical stuff as she doesn’t know how expensive the medicine is. Mohan holds Radha’s hand and starts kissing her. Radha is still in a state of unconsciousness. Mohan tells Radha to wake up Radha, I love you very much.

This talk of Mohan will not work in front of Damani and Radha starts crying after listening to Mohan’s words and Mohan once again tells Radha that everything was done quickly when Radha will be fine. So he will again start listening to Damni’s talk. Mohan is still coming inside some of Damni’s talk.

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