Pyaar Ka Pahla Name Radha Mohan Written Update 25 June 2023

Pyaar ka Pahla Name Radha Mohan Written Update New Episode

The Episode starts with Radha reading the paper. Who reads the horoscope of Radha and Mohan in the paper. It is written in the horoscope that the secret of the past is the one of the door now. If Radha’s everything will be changed then it is. Radha’s mother is

Radha’s father was saying that Radha is not wanted back because she is dead. But it is here that Radha’s mother, when Radha’s mother has come back here, she is going to do something or the other here.

Whether Tulsi is related to Radha’s mother, the curtain is going to be lifted in some time, no one has come to know who was the man in black clothes. Why would Radha’s mother bother her daughter, that’s why she cannot be Radha’s mother.

The trouble that is happening here is happening to Radha and Tulsi. Radha’s mother will come, will the truth of Kadambari come out or not?

Radha is always worried about Tulsi along with her. But Radha does not know that Radha’s mother has returned.

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