Pyaar Ka Pahla Name – Radha Mohan

Hello friends, how are you, today I will talk about what is going to happen in Radha Mohan’s 10th June episode and tell you what can happen today and whether Mohan and Radha can meet or not, everyone will see in this episode today.

All of you were trusting Mohan that Mohan would save Radha but Mohan himself was trusting God, God did not break his trust but Mohan has broken everyone’s trust Do you think Mohan is a hero or not but God didn’t trust Mohan Toda hai Muskaraj has come to Radha. Muskaraj takes everyone to the ice cream factory, but it is locked, seeing which Mohan gets angry.

The owner of the factory has left after closing the lock and everyone is thinking how to open the lock, then Damani says that this lock will not open till morning, then after that Kadambari looks at Damani very angrily, then Damani keeps quiet after seeing her. Mohan goes and breaks the floor with a stone and then everyone goes inside and what they see is that Radha is lying there unconscious and here Muskaraj has done his work very well.

Radha faints on seeing Mohan coming, then when Mohan goes to Radha and talks to Radha, then Radha regains consciousness, Mohan sees that Radha is regaining consciousness, Mohan then takes Radha from her to the hospital. Seems like

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