Titli 26 June 2023 Written Update

26 June 2023 Titli Written Update

Today’s Titli episode starts with this. It starts with this thinking of Jayshree. Does the boy have good intentions for Titli or not and she prays to God that nothing wrong should happen to Titli because Titli is still very innocent. Another Mehta mansion lit up in red and gold. When Monica comes out wearing a royal lehenga. And meanwhile Aditya’s parents come in front. And gives jewelry and clothes to Monica.

Koyal runs to help Maina. Only then the koyal hand is mistakenly placed on the jewels. By keeping his hand, some stones break and fall. koyal asks Aditya’s mother without controlling her feelings. Whether the jewelry is from a legitimate jewelry store.

After listening to Koyal, Aditya’s mother gets angry and says a negative thing. And shouts at the cuckoo that there is no place for him in this house, wherever he goes. Still, how dare Koyal accuse him that he gifted fake jewelry to his daughter-in-law.

Garv retorted and said that you have no right to be angry with the cuckoo and insult him. Because his position is high in this house. When Aditya’s parents leave after breaking the marriage. Now will Garv and Titli be able to rectify this ruckus or not?

Will the koyal ever be able to stand up for her honor

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