Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th June 2023 Written Update

25 June 2023 Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein New Episode

Today’s episode starts with Samrat and Nitya getting permission to dig the land. And the family is celebrating the rituals to be held in the marriage. And everyone is getting ready for the ceremony of showing Kashvi’s face. Nayan upsets everyone by asking that they all don’t want Kashvi’s father to see his face.

Kahvi gets choked hearing such words of Nayan. While Nayan says that Samrat should be ashamed to see Kashvi’s face as he is her father and she and Samrat are now married. Samrat and Nitya are happy to know this. Kashvi smiles thinking of what Nayan has said. Samrat Sir has become his father.

Apart from this, everyone is dancing. And everyone is talking to each other. And at the same time Samrat gets a call from his manager. Samrat goes some distance to talk to his manager. His manager asks Samrat to allow him to check his file. And he doesn’t find anything in that file that is not sustainable to dig the ground.

After hearing this, the emperor read in his mind. And wonders why Nitya has lied to him. Now will the emperor talk to Nitya about the land in front of everyone.

Why would Nitya have lied to the Emperor?

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